Geto Boys’ Willie D Still Going In On Charles Barkley, Says He Always “Been a Ho”

BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

A few weeks ago Willie D, of the legendary group Geto Boys, released a scathing song called “Coon” where he calls out a handful of celebrities for misrepresenting Black culture and selling out for White favor.

A quick look at the chorus of the song and there is no doubt what the song is about – cooncoverwithcoons

“If you sellin’ out your people you a coon/If you hate your own kind you a coon/boot licker, shuck and jive you a coon/You a coon, You a coon, You a coon”.

Charles Barkley was the first called out on the record and Willie D made it clear that if Barkley, the athlete-turned-commentator, has any problems with the song that he is prepared to “light his ass up.”

In an interview with the Murder Master Music Show, Willie D revealed that his violent streak and beginnings as a battle rapper makes him hard to be beaten.

williedsuited“No, but when he do, I’mma light his ass up,” Willie D said when asked if Charles Barkley has responded to “Coon.”

“This is what I do. I come from two backgrounds that’s gonna make it hard for a mothafucka to fuck with me. One, I got a violent streak. Two, I come from battle rap. I started off battle rapping. So, I’m an expert in breaking a mothafucka off. Letting a mothafucka know what time it is about himself. And I don’t play fair at all. Everybody gonna get it fuckin’ with me…It ain’t gon’ be no talking shit. When I see you, it’s on.”


Willie D also revealed that he had the opportunity to put them paws on Barkley at a Hollywood party, but decided not to. williedcu

“I already ran into Charles Barkley once at a party,” he said. “And I could have got at his ass right then. It was real easy. Hollywood parties are the easiest parties to get to a mothafucka at. Cause they’re totally relaxed…It’s just a bunch of people that you see on TV all the time and shit. And they feel safe. They feel comfortable. Now, Charles Barkley a ho ass nigga. He always have been a ho.”


Check out the interview with Willie D and the video for “Coon” below:


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