Why Is Former MLB Player Sammy Sosa Looking Like A Pink Cartoon Character?

Published On July 15, 2017 | By sgrey | baseball, Latest posts

By Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III

Can we be honest and say two things – 1. There is nothing wrong with having Black skin, and 2. Too many people are ashamed of their skin color that they will do whatever is necessary to lighten their complexion. Whenever people are ashamed of their skin color that they go to extreme measures to look lighter, something is wrong. Is it self-worth? Is it low self-esteem? Whatever it is, one has to raise the question as to why someone would do such a thing?

By now, many people know who Sammy Sosa is, the once superstar within the realms of Major League Baseball. Sosa, who is from the Dominican Republic was a power hitter in baseball and in many ways, brought fun and excitement back to the sport due to his home-run hitting prowess.

Unfortunately, Sosa is not being remembered for his baseball career. In a real sense, Sosa is being slammed on social media about his skin color. Just looking at Sosa today, one has to wonder what happened that a dark skin Sosa is now a pink looking character.

Rolling Out reports, “Sosa, a native of the Dominican Republic, has been long been suspected of deliberately lightening his skin ever since he was he was run out of baseball. Sosa has been dealing with the rumors since 2009 when the metamorphosis seemed to begin. According to Rebecca Polihronis, who worked with the Cubs while Sosa was on the team, the athlete’s hue changed as an unexpected result of a ‘skin rejuvenation’ treatment.”

So far, there have been no medical reports to explain what Sosa is going through.

By the way – it’s important to note that Sosa’s career was shamed after it was discovered that he was using performance enhancing steroids.

Whatever Sosa is going through, hopefully, he will one day find inner peace.


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