Why Do Black Men Act So Stupid to Get a Pair of Overpriced Air Jordans?

Published On December 17, 2013 | By Big BOSS | News, sports news, The Barbershop

by Jeff Lightsy Jr.

Every brother that has ever owned a pair of Jordans remembers their first pair. Mine where retro Jordan 8s that I received from my dad when I was 6 years old. I’m sure he didn’t have to go through any trouble to get a 6 year old a pair of the latest Air Jordan sneakers. But today in 2013 how serious does is it for people to own a pair of Jordans?

Well the shoppers in East Columbus, Ohio showed us how serious it really gets for some of the newest J’s. There they busted through the automatic doors rushing to the Champs store that sells the Jordans. Whats crazy about this is the shoes aren’t even out yet, and they don’t come out until next weekend. The crazy hectic shoppers were running to just get a voucher to enter a raffle for the shoes. So its not even guaranteed that they will get the shoes.

There use to be a time when everyone who wanted a certain Jordan sneaker could get the shoe without all of this commotion. Now there are a limited supply of shoes, and the frantic shoppers go crazy and sometimes violent just to get them.  The majority of these crazy and violent shoppers are our young black males.

What do you think goes through the mind of a 65 year old white grandmother, when she sees all of these young black males going crazy and breaking down doors for some shoes? Its not like its hard for her to see them doing this. All they have to do is turn on their local news and they will see our people acting like savages.

Its not like we are getting the best deal on these shoes either. These latest Jordans are selling at a retail price of $170 before tax.

These types of incidents are not uncommon in other places around the United States. When the Air Jordan retro 11 “Concords” came out in 2011, here in my home city of Louisville, KY, they broke down the doors of the mall as well.

We as a people have to be better. They young black male will never be known as anything more than the Air Jordan wearing, good for nothing thug in America as long as incidents like this continue to occur. We have to do better, we must create a better name for ourselves so we will be respected more.  Change is possible if we want to do it.

Jeff Lightsy is a Freshman Broadcasting major at Western Kentucky University. Twitter:@jlightsy7

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