NFL Player Points Out Hypocrisy In America When It Comes To Prayer And He’s Right

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

The terrorist attack in Paris has brought a myriad of social issues to light as the the world took to social media to share their prayers for Paris, with #prayforParis as the No. 1 trending hashtag for most of the weekend and Facebook users placed an overlay of the French flag over their profile pictures.

parisprayerlogosWhile the response for prayer is a normal response to tragedy, #prayforParis has also highlighted that all tragedies do not receive the same normative response from mainstream media.  For instance, the terrorist attacks on Beirut, which occurred the day before the attacks on Paris received little to no media coverage, just like the terrorists attacks in Kenya have not gotten the overlay treatment from Facebook, media attention or national empathy.kenyadead

An NFL player is also pointing out that the very act of prayer itself, when done publicly apart form times of “national” sorrow or distress, is looked at as a problem.

New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson expressed his views on Facebook to point out the hypocrisy displayed in America when it comes to public prayer.


As a nation we have collectively prayed for Paris this week. Yet as a nation we suspend a football coach for praying after a game…We must choose

Posted by Benjamin Watson on Monday, November 16, 2015


Watson is referring to Joe Kennedy, head football coach at Bremerton High School in Washington state who was placed on paid prayerjoekennedyadministrative leave for continuing post-game prayers.

“It’s funny that it was OK to pray where I was in the stands but not 100 feet from there,” Kennedy told ABC News today. “I guess that the fence I was behind was the safe-to-pray place in America.”

Watson’s view is one that is striking a chord with a lot of people as it has been liked over 115,000 times and shared over 50,000 times since he made the statement on Monday, November 16, 2015.

underourskinWatson, who is an outspoken Christian, just released his book Under Our Skin, which addresses race and religion in America.benjaminwatson

The hypocrisy that this country addresses both race and religion is evident and it is also apparent in America’s politics and policies.

The proverbial line in the sand is being drawn .. what side of it are you on?



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