Watch: Farrakhan speaking in Madison Square Garden in 1985

Minister Louis Farrakhan has been at this game for a very long time, speaking up for black men and black people. Check out this video of Farrakhan speaking in Madison Square Garden 30 years ago. Has the world changed all that much since that time? What’s the difference between the way the world works today and how it worked when Farrakhan gave this speech.


On the God degree (7th day) of October, 1985, twenty-nine years ago, Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke to an arena filled with Five Percenters, Christians, FOI's, MGT's, Ansars, Muslims, Pan Africans, entertainers and more. My how our communities have fallen since. Perhaps there was a very close census and note taking by the enemy to original people aligning in one Madison Square Garden forum. It was ALL the way live you heard? I watched this video back in 1998 in New York at one of the God & Earths house in heart pounding tears and passion for our liberation. The most powerful lecture he has EVER delivered in my opinion. Happy Anniversary to us and our survival especially here in the tri-state since this epic night that our uncles, aunts, mothers and fathers attended. #29years from the night.

Posted by SeeAsia Shynes on Tuesday, October 7, 2014

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