Walter Scott, Michael Slager, and Christian Civil Rights Sellouts

Published On May 3, 2017 | By Griot | Black male commentary, Black Men United, Latest posts, video

Officer Michael Slager, 35, executed Walter Scott, 50, on April 4, 2015 in Charleston, SC. Slager shot and connected at least five times as Scott, knowing he might have a child support warrant, turned and tried to run away from a motor traffic stop. The killing and Slager framing a struggle over a taser was caught on cell phone. Slager was charged with murder but a jury could not reach a verdict causing a mistrial. In May 2016, he was indicted on federal civil rights abuses. At a hearing on Tuesday, Slager plead guilty to felony deprivation of rights under color of law. This offense is punishable by any term of imprisonment including life imprisonment or death.

Slager waived his conviction appellate rights as part of the deal; but he may be able to appeal the sentence. Slager will be sentenced once a pre-sentencing report is presented to the judge. As part of the deal, Slager’s murder charge, two other federal charges and the state charges against him which included for lying to investigators and using a firearm in a violent crime were dropped. See Walter Scott’s mom Judy Scott respond:

A white supremacist suspect female asked, ‘Do you forgive Michael Slager?’ The mammy responds, ‘Yes I do [missy]!–Because The Forgiver [white daddy Jesus] lives in me! I must forgive him because I must be forgiven.’ (Forgiveness for what? Is she the one who shot a man down in the back then tried to frame him because of his race?).

‘What made me feel good about it, was that he admitted what he did. That was enough for me because no matter how many years [in prison], it will not bring back my son.’ (Wait–a killer admitting he murdered your loved one for no reason and hasn’t even been sentenced yet helps you sleep at night?)

‘God’ is just a concept, and most Diasporans get their understanding from people who are anti-African. In this dynamic, the oppressed worships the oppressor’s cultural ideals. This is why Judy Scott is disrespecting her son’s memory by talking all that ‘Turn the other cheek’ ‘Love thy enemy’ Stockholm Syndrome garbage! Plantation religion makes a slave crazy. Our revival ain’t comin’ out the Buy-bull!

Anti-police-brutality efforts of the Civil Rights Movement not only failed, but brutality evolved into ‘Stop and Frisk’ and hundreds of pardoned executions annually. Even worse, the Civil Rights generation took their black dollars to the enemy as soon as segregation “ended.” So here we are in 2017, with more race soldier assassinations than 1900s lynchings without an economic system to combat white supremacy/racism. This isn’t to blame or shame people who contributed in ways they thought best possible at the time; but, we must not follow the footsteps of being the footstools of the oppressor’s capitalist regime.

Also, we must stop thanking ‘God’ for our demise. With this dangerous “forgiveness” and $6.5M settlement Judy received is surely ‘enough’ in the judge’s view too, so don’t expect Slager to do more than time served and probation. Look for him to be on a different police force near you soon!

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