Vigalantee: LeBron, Show Black Pride Openly And You’ve Got MJ Beat

Published On February 6, 2014 | By vigalantee | Be the boss, News, Pro Sports, sports news, vigalantee

Michael Jordan this and Michael Jordan that, but lets be real, LeBron James is on his tail and I truly believe that he will pass Michael Jordan. A lot of Jordan-heads may think I’m crazy for even thinking it’s possible, well call me insane because the stats back me up.  The only thing Mike may have is more rings. You see the lines a mile long for people waiting on Jordan’s latest shoe and that kind of marketing has helped push Jordan to immortal status, but lets throw a sling shot at this basketball god and see can we make a case for King James.

Jordan entered the NBA after his junior season at North Carolina. The Chicago Bulls made the playoffs in his rookie season at age 21 despite a 38-44 record.  Meanwhile,  James started his career right out of high school, so there was an inherent learning curve right out of the gate. The Cleveland Cavaliers missed the playoffs in James’ first two pro seasons. He also didn’t have much talent around him at the time. The Cavs went 35-47 in his rookie season,we will call that a wash, lets look deeper.  Michael Jordan’s team did not clear .500 in the regular season until his fourth season in the league, 1987-1988, when Scottie Pippen and Horace Grant came aboard and Doug Collins was coach.

james-jordanjpgOn the other hand Lebron James finally reached the playoffs in his third season after the team added a new coach in Mike Brown and complementary players Larry Hughes, Flip Murray and Donyell Marshall,so they are still neck and neck.  LeBron has a slight edge on Michael if you compare the years and age.

After their seventh year, James and Jordan both had just one Finals appearance each, Jordan won his title and Lebron lost to a superior Spurs team.

In his eighth and ninth seasons, Jordan won two more NBA titles and Finals MVPs before announcing his first retirement. His 10th year was the truncated 1994-1995 season, during which he announced a comeback in March.

James left Cleveland for Miami and has reached the Finals in all three years, winning twice. Through 10 years, Jordan holds a 3-2 edge in championships and Finals MVPs. James has a 4-3 edge in Finals appearances and regular-season MVPs. The numbers for these two all-time greats are through Jordan’s age-31 year and James’ age-28 year. Micheal Jordan is leading James in total titles 6-2,but i believe LeBron will close the gap. If he becomes more vocal in representing Blacks and speaking out against injustices against Blacks he will surpass Jordan, who could care less about the Black plight, openly at least.  So, my challenge for LeBron is to continue being fan friendly and continue to openly help out his community and when it’s all said and done , King James will be number one, off and on the court.

Stats Min FGA FG% 3 FG % Pts Reb Ast Stl FTA FT% TO
James 39.7 20.1 49.0 33.7 27.6 7.3 6.9 1.7 8.6 74.7 3.3
Jordan 38.8 23.5 51.4 30.7 32.2 6.3 5.9 2.7 9.0 84.5 3.0

The stats courtesy of Shlomo Sprung

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