Viga Sports BCS Shakeup: I was Wrong about Auburn, but Let Me Tell You Who Will Win it All

Published On December 8, 2013 | By Big BOSS | College Sports, News, sports news

Vigalantee talks about the crazy action that took place this weekend.  He is giving Auburn its props, but the game was close.  He also has some things to say about Duke.  In fact, how in the hell did Duke end up getting mentioned among the football elite anyway?  Weren’t they the team that couldn’t even beat the girl’s field hockey squad?

Michigan State took own Ohio State, after the team was undefeated for two years.  Maybe they were wrong about mopping up the floor with Florida State and Alabama.   Now, Auburn is gonna get their shot.   But a big question is whether or not Auburn would have jumped Ohio State if OSU had won this weekend.

Check out Vigalantee’s words below:







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