Viga Sports – Are White Quarterbacks Considered More Intelligent v Athletic Black QBs?

Published On December 5, 2013 | By Big BOSS | News, sports news, The Barbershop

Do white quarterbacks often get more credit for being smarter than black ones?  If a black quarterback comes into the NFL, we know that he can’t just be a good athlete. He has to learn a complex offensive scheme, think on his feet and make critical decisions in high-pressure situations.  But does the media see it that way?

In this episode of Viga Sports, Vigalantee gives his take on the issue, asking whether or not black quarterbacks are given the credit that they deserve for being smart.  We know that black men are as smart as everyone else, but does society know this?  You would expect this to be a played out question by now, but it seems like it’s still part of the debate.  That’s because people still haven’t moved forward from the days when they thought that black people were inferior.

This conversation also reminds you of the one that Isiah Thomas led over 20 years ago when he noticed that white players like Larry Bird are given credit for being smart, while black players like Michael Jordan are only seen as being great athletes.  Why can’t a black man be both smart and athletic?  Would it make white men feel that they are somehow inferior?

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