Top OU RB Recruit Joe Mixon Accused of Assaulting Woman; Maintains Self-Defense

BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

The University of Oklahoma‘s top recruit Joe Mixon is under investigation for an alleged assault on a woman.

This afternoon the Oklahoma football player met with Norman Police Department investigators.  The attorney of Joe Mixon maintains that his client “has done nothing wrong,” according to a news release.

“This past Friday morning, Joe Mixon found himself in a situation where he was subjected to both verbal and physical attacks from a very intoxicated and troubled young woman,” said Norman attorney Kevin Finlay.

“As a result of these physical attacks, Joe instinctually defended himself from further harm.”

The Norman Police Department relayed the facts surrounding the incident through a press release “describe an altercation between Amelia Rae Molitor, age 20 of Norman, and Joe Mixon that turned physical and concluded with Molitor sustaining injuries to her face.”

Mixon broke Molitor’s face in four places with one punch.

joemixonrbMixon is a high-profile incoming freshman was not present when the police arrived for the initial 911 call.  An incident report from the incident does acknowledge that Molitor was intoxicated when she was being treated for her injuries.  There is also a video of the incident, but it can not be released at this time.

“Police are in communication with all parties involved in this incident. While there is a video recording of the incident, the evidentiary value of the recording prohibits its release at this time,” the NPD press release stated.

Mixon has been very cooperative with the authorities with the investigation and is looking forward to the full truth coming out about the incident.

“As we have always maintained, Joe has done nothing wrong.”

Although Stephen A. Smith had to apologize for his remarks regarding men being provoked into situations of violence, with Mixon’s case, the Texas Tech incident between their star women’s basketball player Amber Battle initiating a fight with the football team’s top incoming freshman Nigel Bethel and the Ray Rice situation, although as bad as the video evidence looked (and it was bad,), it was indeed his then-fiance, who was intoxicated at the time, who began beating on Rice, this is indeed a topic that needs to addressed and brought to the forefront.

Even the leaked video footage of Solange Knowles attacking mega-mogul Jay Z in an elevator alludes to a problem of not only women attacking men, but not being held accountable for their actions in society or the court room.

Does a man have the right to punch a woman when he is being assaulted by that woman?

BOSSes what do you think?


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