Thinking Like A Man Started Steve Harvey Thinking Like A Mogul

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

In 2012, Steve Harvey retired from his career as a stand-up comic after taking the stage at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas after a successful 27-year run.  When one hears the word retire, you would think that he would be sitting back and relaxing in a tropical setting, but that was not the case.  In essence, he was just retiring from life on the road as a comic so now that he could begin the next phase of his life as a businessman.  Not only did he kick it up a notch, he now has more jobs than ever.

shmsSteve Harvey has his hugely popular, and syndicated, morning radio show, hosts Family Feud, is a best-selling author and even produces his own movies.  Harvey has successfully parlayed his comedy career into a multimedia brand.

The business of the Steve Harvey World Group blossomed when his advice-filled best seller Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man morphed into a record-setting big screen comedy featuring some of Black Hollywood’s finest, grossing an impressive $91, 547, 205 after being made on a $12 million budget.   Can you say winning?!  It was those numbers that made Hollywood respect thethink like a man too Black audiences and realize that Black cast movies are still alive and viable.  This weekend, Harvey is back with the highly anticipated sequel Think Like a Man Too, which is predicted to become an even bigger hit.

Comedy and entertainment is the foundation of Harvey’s brand but it is his philanthropic side that is becoming the pillar built on that foundation.  Two of Harvey’s biggest endeavors involve mentoring young men and providing outreach to fatherless children and young adults.

stevefamilyThe Steve Harvey Mentoring Program for Young Men focuses on teaching principles of manhood to young men to make them strong and responsible members in their community.  Steve Harvey is the father of four children and has used his platform to address the crisis of men abandoning their children and how it affects the Black families.

Expanding into the future, Harvey is adding self-improvement to his resume so that he can reach adults as well.  He is joining forces with Lisa Nichols, the CEO and founder of Motivating the Masses, and a professional “coach” and business-development specialist.

Nichols will lead the “creation of a new division under the Steve Harvey umbrella that will focus on breakthrough and self-development,” according to a press release from Nichols. Dubbed the Act Like a Success series, the collaboration will align with the release of Steve Harvey’s new self-improvement book,Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success. According to the press release, the goal of the series is to “educate the public on how to achieve success through personal breakthroughs. Pulling from lessons learned along their journey to success, it will focus on teaching techniques to accelerate growth even if there have been interruptions along the way.”

On the expansion of his company with Nichols, Harvey says:

steveh“When my interest in the self-improvement industry began to grow, I found myself enthralled by Lisa and her work. After brainstorming a wish list of potential collaborators with my team, I knew Lisa was the only choice. Meeting steveandmarjher shortly thereafter and hearing her inspirational story only solidified that further. I am eager for our partnership to begin and know there are only big things to come.”

Much of Harvey’s success has been built upon his own personal failures.  He has been a boxer, an insurance salesman, a carpet cleaner and even a mailman.  He has even sold best-sellers on relationship advice, despite being in his third marriage.

Just a thought … what do you have to retire from to become a mogul in your own right?


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