The Internet Goes Wild With Lance Stephenson Memes.. Again !!!

Published On May 29, 2014 | By john | News, Pro Sports, sports news, Strictly for the brothers, The Barbershop

BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

Lance Stephenson has once again given the Internet’s best hecklers ammunition after his Game 5 trolling antics of LeBron James.  This dude is slowly showing that he may be a couple eggs shy of a dozen.  In a move to get LeBron James distracted, Stephenson was caught blowing in LeBron’s ear ….. definitely different.

Stephenson has already provided for the meme-Gods by laying on the court after a failed flopping attempt which had the Internet jumping with memes like:







Well, here we go again with some of the Internet’s best memes with Lance Stephenson blowing in LeBron’s ear:

Who remembers the first Nintendo gaming system?  If you had one, you remember having to blow the dust out of the cartridge just to get the game to work as the system got older.  Check this meme out …






For those that felt that Lance Stephenson was trying to be sensual with blowing in LeBron’s ear, here you go …







There is nothing more aggravating when a loved one is giving you the silent treatment.  How far would you go to get their attention??









For the kid that is in all of us, these memes should hit right at home.  Oh how I long for the simple days of our youth ….









We finally figured out what made 50 Cent throw such a horrible ceremonial opening pitch for the New York Mets earlier this week .. Bad Lance !!!







The hookah craze has hit everyone by storm, including Lance Stephenson !!







One more for the road.  This one is for all my java drinkers, Lance Stephenson will make sure your coffee is just the right temperature ….







This has already been an enjoyable Eastern Conference championship series, for the basketball and antics displayed.  The series is headed back to Miami, giving the Heat the opportunity to close out the Pacers in South Beach.

Hopefully, Lance will bring his “A” game or he will be known for “blowing” it !!!


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