The Harrison twins didn’t return to Kentucky, they were rejected by the NBA

Published On April 28, 2014 | By Big BOSS | College Sports, News, Pro Sports, sports news

It turns out that the Harrison (Andrew and Aaron) twins didn’t decide to graciously give another year of free labor to The University of Kentucky.  Actually, they were not good enough to get to the NBA.  According to USA Today sports, these two young men were not ready for the next step.

*I feel kind of bad for the Harrisons. They wanted to be pros right now so badly; the professional market rejected them. Their “return” is completely (and justifiably!) begrudging.

*If they were good enough to be 1st-round picks, NBA GMs would have bent over backwards to draft them this year — call it the “Archie Goodwin theory.”

As a result, the author says that the two likely made a mistake by overestimating their NBA value and/or John Calipari didn’t properly develop them for the league.  Here’s what else they said:

*So here’s a question for Calipari: If the choice was devoting time to getting the Harrisons fit to be NBA 1st-round picks at a cost of not making NCAA Tournament, is that worth it? Because here’s the thing: Calipari’s pitch is that you’ll win AND he will get you positioned to be drafted as a “one-and-done.” And yet he failed on the latter for the Harrisons**.

He also says that the Harrison twins are a cautionary tale for those who have overinflated expectations.  But is he making too much of things?  You be the judge and tell us what you think.


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