Tennessee Titans Sign Brandon Weeden Over Colin Kaepernick To Replace Injured Marcus Mariota

Published On October 4, 2017 | By sgrey | Football, Latest posts, News

By Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III

The National Football League has officially lost its mind by blackballing Colin Kaepernick. Instead of allowing teams who need a quarterback to sign Kaepernick, the NFL and its owners have worked together to make sure this man doesn’t ever play in the NFL. At least that’s what it looks like.

Every week, NFL general managers look at their list of available players for certain positions in the event a starter gets injured. Let’s face it – they have a fan base to answer to and they want to have the best players on the field each week who will give them the best chance to win. It’s no secret that teams want to win. However, when it comes to this year, many teams are simply throwing away their season because they don’t want a public backlash with the signing of Colin Kaepernick.

After four weeks of NFL football, there are teams searching for a quarterback. With some starting quarterbacks injured, this would be the perfect time to call up Kaepernick. Right? Kaepernick is much better than half of the backups in the league.

In a crazy move, the Tennessee Titans called up Brandon Weeden to take over as their starting quarterback after Marcus Mariota suffered an injury in last weeks game.

The Root reported, “In the wake of starting quarterback Marcus Mariota’s hamstring injury, the Tennessee Titans didn’t even bring in Kaepernick for a workout and decide that they were going to go with Weeden. The same Brandon Weeden who was cut from the Houston Texans before this season started? The same Brandon Weeden who couldn’t keep a job with the Cleveland Browns? The same Brandon Weeden who’s a great quarterback if the job of quarterbacking means throwing nice passes to the other team?”

Anyone with time on their hands can look up Weeden’s stats in the NFL and ask themselves, does this make any sense? Oh well, here’s another case of teams looking at the political ramifications instead of trying to win.


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