Taxstone Says Lean Users Are “Fiends and don’t even know it”

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

If you look at the top of the rap charts, you can find a few common denominators among some of the more popular rappers.

The popularization of lean, a syrupy concoction of cough syrup (promethazine and codeine), soda and hard candy, is propelling rappers to the top of the charts with euphoric melodies and soul-stirring basslines set the soundtrack for the opiate-induced ride.

taxstoneTaxstone, popularized by his own podcast, Tax Season, got into a discussion about crack in a VLAD TV interview, after he revealed that he was a crack baby and was raised by a family of functional crack addicts.

As the discussion progressed, DJ Vlad said that he heard that heroin, a drug that is experiencing a resurgence, especially in middle America, is a worse addiction to have compared to crack.

Taxtone came back with, “No, crack is not as bad lean.  I know.  It’s proven.” 

“It’s way more highly addictive.  Anything that you are way more highly addictive of you’re gonna spend more money – it’s more expensive than crack, you understand what I’m saying?”

doublecup“It’s worse.  That shit will fuck the lining of your stomach up .. you don’t see niggas dying from crack, I don’t euphoriaimageknow many niggas that died from crack !!  I know them dying for shit they did while they was ON crack .. You understand ??  A motherfucker don’t just die from crack !!  Rest In Peace Pimp C, he died from lean.  These people died from lean. A$AP Yams, these dudes was lean drinkers, you know what I mean??  Lean is dangerous.”

Lean is historically linked to and credited with being the originators of lean and actually built their underground rap scene around “pourin’ up”, but lean use has also been linked to as the cause of death for some of Houston’s most legendary and innovative artists.

Kyng James

Kyng James

The subculture of fans that lean has produced is being manifested in the newest rap artists who are clearly influenced by artists like Young Thug and Future, except where once the lean was to slooow down the double cup is representing the “turn up”.

Famous Dex

Famous Dex

Taxstone was honest and open while he offered his reality of how drugs have shaped his life, not as a user or dealer, but the life in that environment.  He fully understands the stigma that is draped on crack addicts, and offers his own brand of “real talk” intervention for the youngsters that might not understand the horrible effects, including drinking lean, popping molly and using prescription pills.

Check out Taxstone below speaking on lean – the entire interview is well worth a listen:




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