Study: Average U. Texas Football Player Should Be Earning $578,000 Per Year

Published On September 26, 2013 | By Big BOSS | College Sports


by Askia

Business Insider’s recent study claims the average Longhorn football player is worth over $500,000 dollars. The figure was calculated using the NFL:Player, 53:47 revenue-split model. The article reports Texas spent $3.2 million on scholarships for football players, just 3.2% of all revenue, or about $37,600 per scholarship player.
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The original article’s title possibly spoke more than the data itself: “CHART: The Average University Of Texas Football Player Is Worth $578,000.” Though I’m no Desmond Tutu, I hope that I’m not the only one who has a problem with placing dollar values on human beings. The phrase “a college athlete is worth X amount of dollars” is one I expect from NCAA execs and university athletic directors considering they don’t pay athletes. ‘College football pay should be,’ ‘Average University Of Texas Football Player Salary Would Be $578,000″

In order to engage in the debate of college, there are 2 facts one must come to terms with:

  1. Only the sports that Black student-athletes dominate require you to attend college before turning professional (Basketball – at least 1 year, Football – at least 3 years in college).
  2. Most Black athletes aren’t in college for an education–They are there to play ball! This is the manner in which they wish to support their families, and are indebted this capability. No one shames the person making your coffee in the morning for not going to college, so why should athletes take the heat?
  3. The average salary far outweighs the scholarship, and investment in a degree. 500K x 3 Years = 1.5 Million. How many Americans make that much money in a lifetime?

I recommend all student-athletes boycott all tournaments and bowl games. This way, the players will still get to play the game they love and play enough to showcase their skills to pro scouts. However, the NCAA and TV networks will lose billions from missing postseason play. Unfair treatment will continue if players themselves collectively rally against the NCAA sports money machine. Can you say, “Half-a-million dollar slave?”

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