Snoop Dogg’s message to Donald Sterling: “F*CK YOU YOU RACIST…” (Video)

Published On April 27, 2014 | By Jeff Lightsy Jr. | Be the boss, News, Pro Sports, sports news, Strictly for the brothers, The Barbershop

by Jeff Lightsy Jr.

After news broke early Saturday morning about the racist comments Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling made to his girlfriend, the nation was outraged. Many people across America had comments and opinions of their own over the situation. One celeb made sure Donald Sterling heard him loud and clear. That man goes by the name of Snoop Dogg.

Snoop is a Los Angeles Native and a life long Lakers fan. So when he heard these racist comments uttered towards blacks in general and specifically Lakers great Magic Johnson, well Snoop let his thoughts on Donald Sterling be heard loud and clear.

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