Should A Former Rapist Get A Second-Chance At Football?

Published On August 9, 2017 | By sgrey | College Sports, Football, Latest posts, News

By Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III

When teenagers commit a crime and pay their dues, should they be able to have a second-chance at life? Let me ask it this way. Does it all depend on the crime they committed? Because there are different levels of crime, are we living in a world that dictates who gets a second chance and who doesn’t?

Because football is so popular and many kids play it as a way to get a college scholarship to hopefully one day make it to the professional level, should there be restrictions on who can play with respect to their past?

An interesting story is coming out of Youngstown State University whereby Ma’lik Richmond who enrolled last year has been recruited by the football coach, Bo Pelini to play football. So what’s the big deal?

Richmond, while at the age of 16, was one of two players jailed over the 2012 Steubenville rape case. He along with another teenager, Trent Mays, ‘digitally penetrated a drunk, underage girl after attending a string of parties in the Ohio town in August 2012.’

According to the Daily Mail, “He spent 10 months in a juvenile detention center after being found guilty of rape at the end of a highly publicized trial and then quietly slipped out of the public eye while the national debate of campus rape and rape culture intensified.”

After serving time, Richmond went back to the same high school and continued to play football, a privilege many objected to.

As we fast forward to today, Richmond is humbled and seems to be doing well as a student. However, his past actions have led to a campaign to have him removed from the team.

“’I believe in him, but I told him, “I’ll hold your feet to the fire”. He has to do it better and cleaner than the next guy,’ Pelini told Youngstown’s local newspaper, The Vindicator.


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