Black Quarterback: Week 5 Review

Published On October 12, 2016 | By Brandon | Black male commentary, College Sports, Latest posts, Pro Sports, The Barbershop

By Brandon Simmons

Dak needs to stay

Sunday, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made the bigger fight for quarterback Tony Romo than his O-line did in the preseason. Jones made a statement that when Romo has returned fully healthy, he will take back his starting job from rookie Dak Prescott, despite the fact that the team is 4-1 and Prescott has thrown no interceptions after 1,000 passes. None of those stats matter to Jones, not even the excitement generated by a potential franchise savior at the QB position.

Maybe it is because the rookie has yet to have a game that has set him apart from being a game manager. Right now, he is doing all of the right things in not turning the ball over, making the right throws and handing the ball off to an explosive rookie running back; but what is the game that instills confidence in his owner? According to CBS Sports, he is 1/7 on throws that are 20 yards or longer; also there is no Cowboys wide receiver who plays on the outside with more than 11 catches and 170 yards.

Prescott has the attention of Cowboys Nation based off of his potential right now; but only his potential. As a 4th round rookie QB, his expectations are extremely low, but his success is exceeding them at a high level. Prescott has earned his spot as a backup without question, but these wins are coming under his watch. Sunday, they beat the Cincinatti Bengals convincingly 28-14, but their next games include the Green Bay Packers, which will they have on the road. After that will be their bye week, and Romo is expected to return from injury, the first game after that. But if Prescott beats the Packers, Romo might not have much to return to.

Brown and Out

I feel like I say this every year about the Cleveland Browns but they just cannot seem to catch any type of break. This organization has to be a front for some drug organization. Every year since 1999, they have managed to not do anything worthwhile. This season has been no different, if not worse, within just 5 weeks. They signed quarterback Robert Griffin III in the offseason but lost him to injury after Week 1. In the following weeks they lost more quarterbacks and have been narrowed down to their 5th quarterback of the year in Charlie Whitehurst. As soon as they were about to get wide receiver Josh Gordon back from suspension, he checks into rehab for an undisclosed amount of time. The Browns have paid for the sins of every bad decision a team has made since 1999. There is no other explanation for why this team will not get over the hump. Things cannot get any worse for them, but then again Week 6 is about to start Thursday.

The Sam Bradford we never Knew

The Minnesota Vikings’ success might be attributed to the success of the defense but quarterback Sam Bradford should not be ignored. The former number one overall pick is playing his best season as a pro after years of injuries and never really settling into an offense. Bradford, who came to the Vikings in a trade before the season started – after starting QB Teddy Bridgewater suffered a season-ending knee injury – and has been nothing but efficient. After 5 games, he has thrown 6 touchdowns for 990 yards with no picks and holds a 109.7 rating.

Many people speculated that Bradford would fail in Minnesota given his track record up to this point, but he has pretty much managed to do the opposite of those expectations. The NFL has seen its fair share of squads that have had great defenses but the quarterback play may not have been there. Bradford still has some work to do but he is making plays in this offense that a lot of people did not see coming.


Shout out to Tampa Bay Buccaneers kicker Roberto Agauayo, who kicked the game-winning field goal to get his team the road victory over the Carolina Panthers. The special thing about this, was Aguayo missed 2 field goals of 33 and 46 yards but managed to knock the decisive 38-yarder.

Shut out to the Panthers, who are now 1-4 and subject to experience more of Cam Newton’s bad fashion decisions.

Shout out to the Atlanta Falcons defense, in which Iwas unaware that they had any at all. The dirty bird recorded their 23-16 road victory over the Denver Broncos, with the help of six sacks by the defense; 3 ½ coming from linebacker Vic Beasley, Jr. For the Broncos, it was the first start for rookie QB Paxton Lynch, and one he will remember for a while everytime he smells grass.

Shut out to San Francisco 49ers QB Blaine Gabbert, who has lost the starting job back to America’s favorite topic, Colin Kaepernick. Gabbert disappointing play continued into into last Thursday’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals at home, so head coach Chip Kelly decided to pull the plug for now. Kapernick will make his regular season debut this Sunday on the road against the Buffalo Bills, while debate over the protests rage on.

But the 49ers will not be the only game to watch this weekend. The Seattle Seahwks and Atlanta Falcons are going to go at it, as the Seahawks protect home turf with their defense and the Falcons look to swoop in and attack with their offense. Also, the Dallas Cowboys are going to try and ride the Dak Prescott train one more time by taking a trip to their toughest opponent so far this season, the Green Bay Packers. Outside of the Cincinnati Bengals, the Cowboys have not faced any crucial teams this year. This is going to be the game that is either going to keep Prescott in the game all season or send him to the bench to learn. But until then…I’ll holla.

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