Seahawks Fail with MLK Tweet

Published On January 20, 2015 | By Brandon | Latest posts, News, Pro Sports

By Brandon Simmons

The Seattle Seahawks may have won the game yesterday but they are have lost the social media war today. Earlier, in what was supposed to correlate with it being Martin Luther King, Jr. day, the team’s Twitter posted a phot of Russell Wilson crying beside a King quote. The pic was accompanied by a caption that said “We shall Overcome” and the hashtag #MLK. It referenced the come-from-behind overtime win against the Green Bay Packers in Sunday’s NFC Championship.

Of course, the Seahawks meant well but that could not spare them from the criticism of social media itself. Plenty of Twitter users were online to let the team know how much they fumbled with that post.


“Why did they think this was a good idea?” said Twitter user @AntarEllis

ESPN personality Bomani Jones chimed in with “Oh no no no…”.

One of the more refreshing takes may have come from user Shirley, whose Twitter name is @SFsportschic. She may have ripped the team the harshest with her tweet.

“Dear @Seahawks: As a social media manager myself, I find it despicable that you liken your team winning a game to MLK’s We Shall Overcome,” she posted.

Needless to say, people were furious over the tweet and the Seahawks eventually apologized for their actions. It’s crazy to think the team could get in so much hot water for the comparison but the struggle that Dr. King went through at the time did not stop when a referee blew a whistle. Athletes can get really emotional about the games or matches play, especially when there is a championship on the line. While we think we’re watching grown men on television throwing a ball around, they are in a deep psychological level where they feel they are in something bigger than a game. When that happens, all logic and common sense just leaves and apparently the team was still missing it today.

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