Rockets Guard Jason Terry Claims Crip in Viral Photo

Published On May 9, 2015 | By Brandon | Latest posts, Pro Sports, sports news, The Barbershop

By Brandon Simmons

It’s an old notion that rappers want to be athletes and vice versa; and that goes for all rappers, including the gangster rappers who have gang banging ties. Friday, Rockets guard Jason Terry, seemed to show both sides of the ball with rapper Snoop Dogg. A photo is circulating Twitter showing Terry throwing up the Crip sign while posing with the legendary rapper.


The Rockets were playing Game 3 of their Western Conference Semifinal series against the Los Angeles Clippers in Los Angeles, the mecca of gang banging. Before the game, Terry took a picture with the most famous of all Crips, Snoop Dogg. However, when you see the photo, Terry appears to be throwing up the sign and Snoop seems to be giving thumbs up in the background.

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But is Jason Terry a Crip for real? Throughout his career he has been seen on the court throwing up a sign in similar fashion from his days as a Maverick all the way up to this season when he joined the Rockets. This could very well be a case of a mistaken hand signal. When Rockets guard James Harden knocks down a shot, sometimes he will throw up a three point sign which can be mistaken for the Blood sign.

There could be no other explanation other than a mere display of naivete. It was some much needed light-hearted humor for Terry to have on a night where the Rockets were blown out by 25 points and he got an ejection. However, he should actually come out and explain himself as to what that sign is. Social media is stronger than ever and a billion people across the world believes Jason Terry is a Crip from a photo that was released before he had a chance to finish his Froot Loops. It’s fair to wonder if any gang members approached him about this, if he is not an official member. The Crips have been known check celebs over their “claiming” if they are not in any actual sets. Also, given that the Rockets’ team hashtag is #RedNation, he may want to change his sign up a little.

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