Ray Rice Settles Grievances With NFL, Career Likely Over

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

Disgraced running back Ray Rice, formerly of the Baltimore Ravens, sparked one of the worst public relations periods in NFL history after TMZ published a tape of him engaged in a domestic dispute with his then-fiancé, now wife, Janay Rice, that resulted in him dragging her unconscious body off of an elevator.  The incident, coupled with an unprecedented number of domestic violence cases in the NFL that followed, painted the league as the face of domestic violence and brought the subject to the forefront of American discussion.

The NFLPA filed two grievances against the Ravens after Ray Rice was cut. In the first grievance, the NFLPA successfully overturned the NFL’s indefinite suspension making him eligible to play again.

The second grievance, dealt more directly with the Baltimore Ravens was regarding the $3.52 million in salary Ray Rice felt he was owed after being unjustly suspended indefinitely after being served an official 2-game suspension.

ricedisgraced2The settlement was first reported by Mike Florio of Profootballtalk.com, likely means that the Ravens paid Rice a confidential amount of money.

Rice is eligible for any NFL team and at the age of 27-years-old he potentially has productive years left.  However, Ray Rice as a player is also toxic.  The backlash the NFL faced when the video of Ray Rice was made public risks alienating sponsors and fans of any team that may decide to sign Rice.  The NFL itself may see backlash from national sponsors and media partners.

The NFL was able to get past it domestic violence PR nightmare and I really don’t think that the league wants to revisit that dark period.

It seems highly unlikely that a team would pick up Ray Rice at this point.  It wasn’t like he was ripping up the turf before his suspension and his backup, Justin Forsett, stepped in and finished fifth in rushing yards, earning a trip to the Pro Bowl.

BOSSes, If you were a GM, would you give Ray Rice a chance on your team?

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