Serena Williams Advances To Wimbledon Finals, Completely OWNS Maria Sharapova

BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

In sports, there are match-ups that can only be described as dominant. Like when Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls were in their championship run or Mike Tyson destroying every man that stepped into the squared circle during his reign in the ring.

Serena Williams (and Venus) have been on a similar run completely dominating the sport of tennis like never seen before, but when she faces Maria Sharapova the beatdown seems to get mid-evil!

Serena Williams beat Sharapova Thursday (June 9, 2015) for the 17th straight time, cruising into Wimbledon finals with a 6-2, 6-4 victory.

To be clear, Sharapova is no slouch in the tennis world and considered a top player in her generation, but the distance between Serena and Sharapova is comparable to trying to jump the Grand Canyon on a big wheel.vsbkgrnd

Williams has absolutely dominated Sharapova for a decade and has beaten her more than she has beaten any other opponent.

Serena is 18-2 against Sharapova all-time and hasn’t lost to Sharapova since she was 23 (in 2005).

Sharapova made probably the biggest mistake of her career in June 2013 when she called Serena a homewrecker.  Maybe it was some kind of psychological ploy to get Williams off her game – can you say EPIC FAIL? Serena has not lost a set to her since.svmstare

Since 2010, Serena has beaten Sharapova 26 out of 27 sets.  Now that is playing with POWER.

serenatrophyTo be clear, Serena has not just dominated Sharapova in meaningless matches.  Serena has knocked Sharapova out of 6 Grand Slams.  If it weren’t for Serena Williams, Sharapova would have at least three more Grand Slam titles and an Olympic gold medal.  Wow !!  Just think about how many titles Reggie Miller and the Indiana Pacers or even the Houston Rockets would have had if there was no Michael Jordan !!serenano1

Serena has beaten Sharapova 18 times but has faced her sister, Venus, 26 times and still has not beaten her as many times as she has beaten Maria Sharapova.  Sharapova holds the dubious position of getting brutalized by Serena more than any other single top-10 opponent.

Serena has not only proven to be Superwoman she is also the kryptonite to her opponents – too bad for the opponents !!



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