Real Rap?! Snoop Exposes The Sad State Of Hip-Hop With Yung Liar [Must See]

BY:  John “Hennry” Hennry

BOSSes, I came across an episode of Snoop’s GGN News Network guest starring comedian Alex Thomas, in a parody as an emcee named Yung Liar AKA Money $tack$ from Baseville, Arkansas – population 400. That’s right, Yung Liar!  His motto, mission statement if you will, is:

“I figure like most all these ni88as out here lyin, feelme, ni88as talkin bout I woke up in a new Bugatti, naw ni88a you didn’t wake up in a new Bugatti …. Ni88a woke up in a Buick !! … I realized I was lyin too!!  But I’m like f*ck that sh*t why not lie myself all the way to the muthafu*king bank !!”

Yuuuung Liiiiar !!!!!

The rappers that influenced Yung Liar are the “ignant rappers” like 2 Chainz, Trinidad James and Plies.

yungliar2Snoop asked him to kick a freestyle:

“I got floor seats at the game/Playas know my name/Even Denzel and Spike Lee say Liar “He Got Game”/In the studio wit Wayne/Even did a verse wit Dame/Beats by Dre in every color just to match my frames !!”


Yuuuuung Liiiiar !!!!!

Snoop then commented that the truth will set you free and Yung Liar gave the perfect response:

“The truth gon’ make me rich in this bitch !!  Feelme?! The truth is Imma Muhfu*kin Liiiiiiar !!!”

Although this ia an obvious parody on the presentation of most rappers, like most comedy it is steeped yungliar3in truth.  Coming from a hip-hop fan who is old enough to have lived through almost every phase of hip-hop but still young enough to appreciate the current music (that appeals to my taste), Anthony Thomas’ representation of Yung Liar is actually on point and funny as hell !!

As funny as Yung Liar is – it is even more sad because it speaks to today’s dire state of the music.  All these rappers are lying – lying horribly – and what’s even sadder is that this has become the standard.

Even Yung Liar/Alex Thomas’ comedic rhymes are even better than most the raps I hear on the radio and see on the blogs.

The rap industry has become more production-driven, meaning that as long as the beat is tight, it doesn’t matter what the rapper is talking about.  As consumers, I wish we all would demand better from our artists and hold these companies and radio stations accountable for the trash they are “programming” our youth with.  Even the listeners that are “grown” are buying into the BS and pushing these liars to the top of the charts.

At the end of the episode, they even show a video of Yung Liar called “Cash & Lies” that blurs the line between reality because I feel like if this was released as a “real” single and video it probably would do well.

[MUST SEE] Treat yourself and think critically about the state of rap music when you watch this episode of Snoop’s GGN News:


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