Rivalry or Racist? High School Makes Pinata Of Player, But Looks Like A Lynching

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

High school football rivalries have been getting out of hand lately across the country.

This season alone there have been incidents making national news where players have attacked a referee on the field, parents and fans attacking a player in the locker room after the game, a player rubbing icy-hot pain liniment in the face of an opposing player during the game as well as other surprising instances of unsportsmanlike conduct.

On Friday night in Cambridge City, Indiana, it appears that another rivalry has gotten out of hand and the community is up at arms.

Cambridge City Lincoln High School faced off against Tri-High in the second round of the sectionals and Lincoln parents fashioned a candy filled dummy, like a piñata, wearing a Tri-High jersey with the number of the their star player, who is Black. The piñata looked like the high school player was simulating getting lynched and when a Lincoln fan took a picture of the dummy and sent it to a Tri-High fan, the s*it hit the fan!

The picture was then posted on social media sites and quickly went viral.

The Assistant Superintendent of Lincoln High School’s district released a statement saying in part, “Only after the picture was sent out did the Lincoln supporters learn that the number on the Tri-High uniform was that of an African American student. It clearly was not the thought or intent of the Lincoln supporters or football players that this incident was anything more than a school rivalry.  This incident was not racially motivated.”

School district attorney Walt Chidester called the prank “a well-intentioned but not-thought-through display” in his statement.

Many of the parents did not see the display as rivalry, but more so as a racist taunt.

“Parents? That’s even more shocking. If in fact that’s the case then the parents shouldn’t be allowed to come over here all year, period,” says Dave Southerland

“I think it’s harmless myself I think it’s blown a little out of proportion by some people. I know several of the boys on the team and I know it wasn’t meant the way it’s being taken,” explains Frances Moore, a Lincoln fan.

Lincoln High School has apologized to Tri-High, the player and his family.

I understand high school rivalries very well, as this week my high school alma mater is preparing to face our rival.  It is a week-long of festivities including a parade and during our pep rally, we actually have a mock funeral.

However, we never use a player’s likeness or number, we just bury mascot.  People are not stupid – well they might be.

It is still inconceivable how they would think fashioning a dummy into a Black player in a way that could be viewed as he is being lynched and think this is a good idea, or not understand how it could be misconstrued.

Cambridge City Lincoln High School beat Tri-High 35-24.


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