Lawrence Phillips’ Family Dispute Suicide Claims, “He wouldn’t do that.”

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

Yesterday former college and NFL star running back Lawrence Phillips was found dead in his cell reportedly of an apparent suicide, but Phillips’ family is not buying it.

Phillips’ biological mother and the people that knew him best are telling TMZ Sports that “I know for a fact he wouldn’t do that.”

TMZ spoke with Tonissa Murdock, who was listed as Phillips’ next of kin with Kern Valley State Prison, has known the troubled star for more than 20 years.  Murdock’s family took Lawrence in during the 1990s and they share a strong, brother-sister bond. She says the last time she talked to him was around Christmas and he was very upbeat and positive, focusing on becoming a better person.

“I know him well enough to know he wouldn’t commit suicide.”lphillipsprison

Tonissa Murdock was the one who had to break the news to Lawrence Phillips’ biological mother and they both are demanding answers from prison officials.

“I asked the coroner for information about his body and she was very unhelpful,” Tonissa says … adding that she was told Lawrence was found with a note — but officials wouldn’t reveal what it said.

According to Murdock, Phillips was determined to clear his name in the April death of his cellmate in which he claims he only acted in self-defense.lphillipsmugshot

“He knew that he was innocent about his cellmate. He faced adversity his whole life and during all those times he said suicide was never an option.”

Phillips’ cellmate, Damion Soward, 37, a former gang member and convicted murderer, was found unresponsive in his cell and later died at a hospital on April 12.

However, USA TODAY Sports obtained a series of letters written by Phillips to two former coaches that gave a grave insight into the prison conditions leading up to Soward’s death.

lphillipsletterThe letters span over 18-months and tell of lock downs due to murders, stabbings and Phillips having ongoing problems with gang members and interestingly enough prison officials because he refused to room with gang members.

His letters reveal that he was “in the process of applying for single-cell status” because of the engrossing amount of violence he was surrounded by, “All they they want to do is the drugs, make knives and make alcohol.”

Could Phillips’ death be payback for the murder of Soward?

For now, Kern Valley State Prison is not linking the two incidents and maintain the death was a suicide.

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