Paul George On Horrific Leg Injury: “My leg felt like it was in flames.”

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

When Paul George fell underneath the basket during Team USA‘s scrimmage just two weeks ago in Las Vegas, the reaction to everyone around him let you know that something was horribly wrong.

gruesomereactionThe bone piercing through the skin of his right leg finished telling the story and Paul George, for the first time since the injury, is speaking about that injury.

“It felt like gasoline was on my leg and someone lit a match,” George said. “Just gruesmereaction2internally, just on fire. My leg felt like it was in flames. It was a quick five minutes and then my body went into shock, and I immediately took my mind off of what just happened thanks to my docs, my family, both of my parents coming by my side, my teammates coming over.

“…It just felt like a burning sensation throughout my whole leg.”

Paul George used crutches to walk with his right leg encased in a cast from the knee down as he met with reporters.  The two-time NBA All-Star has had a rod placed in his right leg, which was broken in two places, with pins holding it together in his knee and his ankle.

paulgeorgepressconfGeorge expressed “a little hope” of playing next season, but is being realistic and focusing on beginning strengthening exercises next week.

“I’ve been talking to the Pacers staff and my whole training staff and it’s really a day-to-day process right now,” George said. “I’m really taking it one day at a time. We don’t want to put a date on it or put a timeframe on it. I understand that some days I will feel good. Some days I will feel bad. But once I feel great, I know the whole staff will know when it’s ‘go time.’

“It’s something that I think I can overcome. It’s a bump in the road, but I will be able to battle through this. It will be a story that I can tell, a testimony that I will have and something that will make me stronger going forward. I don’t think it will affect me in a negative way.”

PG-13 is also meeting with a sports psychologist to help along with the healing process.  George revealed that he has watched a video of the injury, but do not expect George to harp on the injury.

“I watched it one time and that will be the last time I see that video,” George said. “I really want to put all that behind me.”

Paul George is receiving a lot of support from players and fans alike since the injury. Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade reached out to George and even Floyd Mayweather visited him in the hospital.

paulgeorgepressconfsmilingGeorge has been especially grateful to his teammates who have been by his side since the injury.  Pacers coach Frank Vogel and guard George Hill were in attendance at the news conference and a line of Pacers fans stood outside of the Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

“Roy [Hibbert] came in and visited me in the hospital in Vegas and he brought me some gummy bears and he gave me a silk and fur blanket,” George said. “The fact that they were there for me … C.J. Watson was there before I went into surgery visiting me in the hospital. …George Hill came over. [Chris] Copeland came over.

“Coach Vogel came to see me from a vacation. That really meant a lot to have my guys there by my side. It is a tough time for me.”

The road to recovery has now begun for Paul George, but likely it is not a road he will have to travel alone.

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