Paul George Defends Criticism of Teammates

Published On April 21, 2017 | By Brandon | Uncategorized

By Brandon Simmons

The Indiana Pacers are down 0-2 in their playoff series to the Cleveland Cavaliers; but if you listen to Paul George, his teammates are down 0-2 instead of him. The Pacers forward has received criticism over the last two game for some of his remarks during the postgame conference of each of his team’s losses. According to USA Tdoay, each press conference referred to a different teammate in which reporters took it as him putting them “under the bus”. Wednesday, he addressed such allegations as untrue.

“Complete ignorance, to be honest with you,” explained George. “Everybody knows how close I am with my teammates. To really make that the highlight of the series?”

The media is prone to twist players’ quotes but this is one of the few times that an athlete handed them the rope. After the Game 1 loss to the Cavs, when Pacers guard C.J. Miles took the final as because of a double team on George, P.G. said he told Miles “I’ve got to get the last shot”. After the Game 2 loss, he said that guard Lance Stephenson needs to control his emotions while center Myles Turner, who scored 6 points in that game, needed to be more in the post and “take it to the next level”.

George has kind of afforded to dole out some criticism, given the fact that he has held up his end of the playoff bargain. He had 29 points and 5 boards in Game 1 then followed that up with 32 points and 8 rebounds in Game 2. His teammates have pretty much brushed off his comments, with Stephenson proclaiming George as his “brother” and actually admitting he lost it a little bit when Cavaliers forward Kevin Love was not letting him score. Pacers will be looking to bounce from the criticism when the series comes to Indiana Thursday and they fight to get their first win in this round.

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