Lawyer in Rape Case of FSU Quarterback Shows Evidence of a Police Cover-Up

Published On December 14, 2013 | By Griot | College Sports, News, sports news

by Jeff Lightsy Jr.

According to ESPN, the lawyer of the woman who accused Jameis Winston of sexual assault claims that key information from the case was removed when released to the press. Attorney Patricia Carroll claims this information was very crucial to proving that a sexual assault did take place. She presented two pieces of paper at a press conference that appeared to be medical reports, one that was released to the press and the other given to the victims family.

Injuries suffered by the accuser, the fact that the victim was given painkillers, and the signature of the person who prepared the document were all removed from the original medical report.

Now if you remember Jameis Winston was never charged by the state attorney of Florida because they felt there wasn’t enough evidence to pursue the charges. But if there were injuries that were removed from the incident report, this could be big.

On the eve of the Heisman trophy presentation, where Jameis Winston is the presumed favorite to win the award, he now must deal with this once again. Winston already had his name dragged through the mud and has barely been able to recover from it. This may not affect his Heisman status anymore this year, but it may drastically change his life.

Carroll plans to have the investigation reopened against Winston. If this does not occur the family plans to file a civil lawsuit against Winston.

Nobody really knows what happened that night between Jameis Winston and this young lady besides them two. What we do know is, soon this issue will finally be put to rest and Winston will either be known as a hero or a villain.

Jeff Lightsy Jr is a Freshman Broadcasting major at Western Kentucky University. Twitter:@jlightsy7

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