Odell Beckham Jr.: Gay Or Not, He Sure Is Sensitive And It Is A Problem

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

This past weekend, Odell Beckham Jr. had a massive meltdown in front of millions of NFL fans when the New York Giants battled against the Carolina Panthers.  Panthers cornerback Josh Norman and Beckham Jr. fought, literally, tooth and nail the entire game, which I really don’t see anything wrong with, except Beckham Jr. took his aggression outside of the confines of the “game.”

>> Click Here to Odell Beckham Jr. and Josh Norman go at it during the game <<

Norman has blossomed into one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL this year on one of the top defensive units in the league, but he did not start out the season as such.  Back in August during the Panther’s training camp, fun-loving, dancing, dabbing, giving football to kids quarterback Cam Newton and Norman got into a fight – or little squirmish – after Norman took a shot on Newton after intercepting a pass.  Newton, as the quarterback, was wearing a red jersey which means DO NOT TOUCH ME – Norman touched him and this is what ensued:

Notice, the smile on Newton’s face as he was manhandling Josh Norman??!!  It wasn’t that Cam Newton was THAT upset, but he had to “let him know.”  Panthers players and coaches did not make much of the fight, but actually welcomed it saying “iron sharpens iron.” 

Now, back to Beckham Jr. – the insanely gifted wide receiver who in his second-year in the NFL has definitely proved himself to be “that guy” making some of the most acrobatic, one-handed catches the league has ever seen leading his team with his video game-like stats.

irvinbeckhamNFL Hall of Famer and former Dallas Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin has come to forefront saying that Beckham Jr. has had to deal with an ongoing issue of players calling him “gay” and Beckham Jr. even said that Norman and other Panther players called him the slur, even though none of these slurs supposedly hurled by the Panthers were caught on video or audio.

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For me, a former football player and athlete, Beckham is the problem because of his lack of self-control which has now proven to be a detriment to his own team.  During that game, he not only cost his team with 3 momentum crushing unsportsmanlike conduct calls and repeated “chicken fighting” as my Grandfather would call it, but now he has been suspended as his team is fighting to get into the playoffs as the regular season comes to a close.

thisisspartaAs politically correct as they try to make the NFL – this is STILL FOOTBALL !!  A sport where it is vital to play with a level of aggressiveness or YOU WILL get hurt or possibly even killed.  My college football coach, NFL Hall of Famer Bill Curry drilled into our heads that football is a COLLISION sport, not a ‘contact’ sport.

Trash talking is as much a part of playing sports as wearing your uniform.  Some players use it to exude confidence, whether REAL or MANUFACTURED, and some athletes use it to gain a psychological edge, or to put it plain, make the other person so mad their head is not on “the game” which hurts their performance.  The latter is where Beckham Jr. was last weekend.joshodell3

To keep all the way 100, Beckham Jr.’s fashion, dancing and some highly questionable pictures have all drawn attention to himself – most of it he relishes in.  What I saw on the football field last weekend was pseudo-masculinity at best.  Taking off his helmet, yelling and acting uncivilized, the only thing that came to my mind is “You mad, Bro?!!”  To me he looked like a kid having a temper tantrum.

If he was so mad, he should not have dropped that sure-fire touchdown in the first quarter.  If he was truly upset with Josh Norman, he should have torched him for 200+ yards on the field that day.

For me, its not about whether Odell Beckham Jr. is gay or not, or even whether someone called him gay.  At the end of the day they are just WORDS, and sports is ABOUT THAT ACTION BOSS !!!  #Beastmode

camnormanfightActually, there should have been someone on that Giants roster, roughing up Odell Beckham Jr. on the sideline with a smile on their face, like Cam Newton did Josh Norman in training camp, “just to let him know” losing his cool will not be tolerated.  Leave your ‘feelings’ at home !!

At the end of the day, Josh Norman stood taller as a man and professional athlete – all from a “chin check” that occurred back in August .. he was ready !!

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