Can’t Get Right: Lakers’ Nick Young Almost Jason Pierre-Paul’s His Hand On Video

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

Will this guy ever learn?

BOSSes, have you seen the classic movie LIFE with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence?  If you have, you remember Bokeem Woodbine who played a loveable, laughable character named Can’tGetRight.  

Nick Young continues to prove that he is the living incarnation of that character, Can’tGetRight, because, downloadwell, he just doesn’t seem to be able to “GetRight”.

Los Angeles Lakers guard (for now) Nick Young was videotaped on the 4th of July picking up a lit artillery shell and holding it over his head.

In the video, bystanders are shouting, “Nick! No!” before the shell exploded in his hand.

Luckily, he was able to escape the incident without injury, but things very easily could have been very different.

Last year, Jason Pierre-Paul of the New York Giants severely injured his hand while holding fireworks causing permanent disfigurement in his right hand and nearly costing him his career.

Although the accident was horrible, the timing of the fireworks incident for Pierre-Paul could not have been any worse as he was in contract negotiations and lost an estimated $15 million.

Luckily for him, the Giants were not willing to just “throw away” Pierre-Paul and he fought his way back on to the field.

This year, Jason Pierre-Paul is featured in a fireworks safety PSA for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission released on June 30, 2016 in which he details his experience and advocates for firework safety.

Nick Young could not have seen that PSA, because one look at Pierre-Paul’s mangled hand is enough to make anybody think twice about doing something as foolish as picking up a lit artillery shell !!

Immaturity and overall “ridiculousness” has plagued Nick Young throughout his career in the NBA.

However, last year Young was in rare form narrowly avoiding a sexual harassment incident with Jordan Clarkson cat-calling a woman in traffic, Alexis Jones, who just happens to be an activist trying to stop athletes from committing sexual harassment, sexual abuse an domestic violence.

images (1)Then, Young gets secretly videotaped by rookie teammate D’Angelo Russell confessing to cheating on his fiance, rap/pop star Iggy Azalea.  The fallout from that incident divided the Lakers locker room and Young was deactivated for the team’s final six games as then-Lakers head coach, Byron Scott, explains “Right now he’s not here with us mentally.”

Then after getting back in good graces with Iggy Azalea, he is busted cheating imagesagain, this time by the home’s surveillance camera and the wedding gets called off.

The Lakers are expected to trade or waive Nick Young before the start of next season’s training camp.

Nick Young, a former fan favorite, has been a nightmare since signing his new contract 2 years ago, shooting just 33.9% from the field last year as well as being a huge distraction.

Can’t.  Get.  Right.

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