Nebraska Head Coach Bans B-Ball Team From Lavish Locker Room After Blow-Out Loss

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

Iowa defeated Nebraska 74-46, marking the fifth straight loss for Tim Miles‘ basketball team and he is more than a little frustrated.

tmuneb“You never want to throw your players under the bus, but that was beyond disappointing. That’s not what we represent. . . . We quit easily today, and that’s a great disappointment.’’  (Omaha World-Herald)

Cornhuskers assistant coach Chris Harriman tweeted an apology after the blowout loss.



Miles has decided on a less conventional approach to send a message to his players.  After the ugly defeat on Sunday, Miles told reporters that for the foreseeable future, he was locking his players out of the locker room.huskerslockerroom

If the team is playing so poorly, it would seem that they would need to spend as much time as possible in their facilities.  Miles is making a point by cutting back on the comforts of being in a D-1 program.  The Cornhuskers locker room has big screen televisions, a pool table and smoothie bar.  All comforts that Miles feels his team is unworthy of at the present time.

“There will be chains on the doors locking it from the outside until further notice,” Miles told the Omaha World-Herald.

tmuneb1Apparently, Miles is getting back to the basics with his basketball team. When a head coach resorts to measures like this, it is clear that he feels his team is not playing up to their potential.

As a head coach, his main job is to be a motivator of the young men in his program.  Miles’ tactic could be seen as a psychological ploy, but I feel like it is a realistic reminder to his players of why they are at the University of Nebraska, the real reason they play the game and a way to regain focus on where they want to be.

Good job Coach Miles.


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