NCAA Hands Down Five Game Suspension To Rick Pitino Over S*x Parties

Published On June 16, 2017 | By sgrey | College Sports, Latest posts

By Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III

It’s no secret that college coaches and their assistants are pressured each year to win games. Wait a minute – they have to do more than win games, they have to win championships.

When championships are won within the parameters of the NCAA, the winning school receives financial bonuses from their conference. In addition to that, boosters, as well as alumni, pour in huge amounts of money to the university’s athletic program. Have ever asked yourself why coaches are paid so much?

Recruiting and retaining top athletes is a must. With so much competition for a top-rated athlete to play at a particular school, often times the recruiting rules are stretched. When coaches step outside of the rule(s), there are big consequences.

University of Louisville Men’s Basketball Coach Rick Pitino was slapped with a five-game suspension from the NCAA. Why? Over a s*x scandal.

According to the Daily Mail, “After completing its investigation of Katina Powell’s allegations that she and other escorts were hired to have sex parties from 2010-2014 and strip for Louisville recruits and players – antics the NCAA described as ‘repugnant’ – it has benched the Cardinals men’s basketball coach for five games and imposed several other penalties.”

Louisville is appealing the NCAA’s decision. Pitino has maintained throughout the ordeal that he was not away of what was happening. This was the doing of Andre McGee, the former assistant coach who was allegedly the one in communication with Powell. “

Louisville imposed their own punishment in 2015-2016 by preventing the men’s basketball team from participating in any postseason games. Pitino will have to serve a five ACC game suspension.

The five-game suspension are ACC games.

“The NCAA said the school must determine which games ineligible players participated in, and that might include the Cardinals title game. Players deemed ineligible would be those involved in the sex parties, which are considered impermissible benefits.”

Pitino and the school have 45 days to appeal the decision.


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