NBA GM’s Reportedly Looking to end Midseason Buyouts

Published On April 13, 2017 | By Brandon | Latest posts, Pro Sports, sports news

By Brandon Simmons

According to The Vertical, there is a growing number of NBA general managers looking to end or alternate the process for midseason buyouts and waivers. Part of the reason has to do with concern that teams in smaller markets might lose out on big name superstars who bring in a large amount of ticket sales. Currently, there is a letter that has been circulated and sent to NBA headquarters that supports moving forward with these actions.

As of right now, the NBA already has rules on how they handle the midseason transactions that are outside of trades. If players have been bought out, released or had their waiver process start before March 1, then they are eligible to sign on a team’s playoff roster. The buyout date itself is a week after the trade deadline. League sources have told Yahoo that the new plan should prevent any salary cap circumvention, interrupted trade activity, tampering and any suspected prearranged deals teams get into during the post-buyout process.

Usually the league relies on the trade deadline to carry the big name moves during the season, but this year was not the case so much. The pot-trade waiver wire saw a lot of somewhat high-profile names get some action. The Cleveland Cavaliers decided to fulfill Lebron James’ request for more help when they went out and got guard Deron Williams after he was bought out by the Dallas Mavericks. They also picked up center Andrew Bogut from the Philadelphia 76ers after he was bought from his contract, shortly after being traded to the team from the Dallas Mavericks.

Washington Wizards guard Brandon Jennings probably best fits the topic at hand. He asked the New York Knicks for his release after the trade deadline so he could play for a competitive squad, per the Sporting News. He was soon by the Wizards less than a week later.

It seems players are not willing to wait and take their chance into the offseason that they will end up on a contending squad. Depending on who the player is, sometimes a job is almost guaranteed through this method as teams add some arsenal to strengthen their depth. For some teams, it works out to bring in a quality player during the season so they can get them at a somewhat lower price after the contract has been taken care of by the former team. Implementations for a new plan are expected to be brought up in May at the general managers’ meetings.

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