Mother of San Jose State Student Says Her Son was Murdered in White Frat House

Published On November 22, 2013 | By Big BOSS | News, The Barbershop

San Jose State University has come under fire for the mistreatment of black student this week, particularly in white fraternities.  It was recently reported that a student was being hazed by his roommates and even had a lock placed around his neck.  All the while, the student was being called “Three-Fifths,” and “fraction,” as obvious references to America’s track record on slavery.

It appears that this case has brought other roaches out of the closet for the school. Denise Johnson, the mother of Gregory Johnson, says that her son was murdered on the very same campus that the second incident took place. She says that her son was found dead in the basement of the Sigma Chi fraternity house and that the answers she was given were not adequate to explain how her son was placed in an early grave.

Ms. Johnson says that her son was murdered on the campus on November 22, 2008, approximately the same time the country elected its first black president.  She says that pictures she took of her son’s body at the morgue were not consistent with the way school officials claim that her son died.  The school and coroner were saying that her son committed suicide.  However, she says that the crack in the back of his head shows that he didn’t hang himself.  She also says that there was no bruising on his neck that would be consistent with a hanging.

The mother also says that the FBI investigated the incident as a hate crime, and that the investigation suddenly stopped when it got to the office of Attorney General Eric Holder.

Check out the video below and please share with others who might be able to help this family find justice.


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