Minnesota Beats out New Orleans to Host Super Bowl in 2018

Published On May 20, 2014 | By Brandon | News, Pro Sports, sports news

It has been quite a while since the city of Minnesota celebrated a Super Bowl for its football team. Well it looks the city may be celebrating one for themselves. According to Bleacher Report, the city of Minnesota will host Super Bowl LII (52), which will arrive in 2018.

 Big events such as the Super Bowl are ripe for upsets and this turned out to be no different. Minnesota beat out New Orleans for the right to host the big event which was a shocker all on its own. New Orleans has been the destination for over ten Super Bowls, including the 2013 game which saw the infamous blackout occur shortly after halftime. The city is tied with Miami for hosting the most Super Bowls in NFL history. Bleacher Report’s Tyler Conway believes it is because the “safe” environment that both of the stadiums provide.

 “With warm weather, a domed stadium and a population used to large influxes of tourism, New Orleans has plenty going in its favor,” said Conway.

 But probably what put Minnesota over the top, was the fact that it is planning to have a new stadium by the year 2016. Super Bowl LII will be following the 2017-18 season and NFL rules state that a stadium must be open at least one year before hosting a Super Bowl. Between 2014 to 2017, only one Super Bowl will be hosted at a stadium more than a decade old and that will be Houston in 2017.

 In terms of climate, Minnesota is nowhere near the conditions of New Orleans or Miami, but it will be domed stadium. However, the cold weather is cause for concern especially during that time of year. Conway adds that the temperatures may be slightly lower during February as opposed to the New York and New Jersey, this year’s site for the Super Bowl.

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