Miami Dolphins Linebacker Goes AWOL And Questions Need To Answered

Published On September 20, 2017 | By sgrey | Football, Latest posts

By Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III

Football is a team sport. No matter how many superstars a team has, the truth of the matter is that it takes a team to play as well as win.

Sadly and shamefully, there are a few players who think their team revolves around them. They get cocky and over-confident as to think and believe their team cannot do anything without their presence. This mindset is detrimental the team.

Because football requires each player to participate to the best of their ability, it goes without saying that a players presence is vital. While that seems logical, everyone doesn’t believe so.

Case in point – Miami Dolphins linebacker Lawrence Timmons went AWOL before Sunday’s game. Due to Timmons’s action, the Dolphins have suspended the linebacker.

In an article published in the Daily Mail, “The suspension could prove costly for Timmons, who signed a two-year, $12 million deal before the season. Officially, $11 million of that contract was guaranteed, but the Dolphins are allowed to suspend him up to four games without pay according to the collective bargaining agreement.”

Initially, the Dolphins filed a missing persons report after Timmons missed curfew the night before the game. The good news is that Timmons was found at the airport by law enforcement officials.

There has been speculation that Timmons was dealing with personal issues, “According to an ESPN report on Monday, Timmons was doing better and hoped to play again soon, but first needed to speak with doctors about an unspecified problem. One source claimed that the issue is unrelated to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a football-linked brain injury which has been linked to depression, dementia and suicidal behavior.”

Dolphins Coach Adam Gase and Timmons’s agent Drew Rosenhaus are still trying to process everything and have both remained somewhat quiet on the issue.

By the way, the Dolphins won 19-17 over the Los Angeles Chargers.


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