Memo states that LAPD did a “sanctioned hit” to murder a black police officer

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April V. Taylor

Eurweb is reporting on a November 18, 2013 memo written by an unnamed officer to Los Angeles Police Department Assistant Chief Earl Paysinger.  In the memo, the unnamed officer reports that Detective Frank Lyga, who shot and killed black police officer Kevin Gaines in 1997, had threatened to go to the media about the shooting being “a sanctioned hit on Gaines by the LAPD.”  Lyga reportedly told 37 people, including LAPD members, California Highway Patrol officers, Glendale Police Department, staff, Los Angeles Port Police, and Los Angeles Unified School Police that Chief Bernard Parks  had angered him due to wanting to “send him to another unit” in attempt to “hide him for awhile.”  Lyga reportedly boasted and laughed about blackmailing Parks, according to the memo.

Lyga made the comments during a 2013 LAPD Detective School in-service training.  The comments reportedly lasted an hour, 23 minutes of which was recorded in the infamous Lygagate audio recording.  The unnamed officer who wrote the memo did not want to file any kind of official complaint about what Lyga had revealed because he feared the department may retaliate and that his personal safety may be threatened if he did.  The memo was sent just three days after Lyga made the comments at the November training.

The audio recording of Lyga’s comments was turned over to LAPD leadership in April, and after no response was made to either the memo or the recording, the story was revealed to the public in mid-June.  The class instructor who allowed Lyga to boast in front of a classroom of people was given the most minimal discipline possible receiving a simple comment card regarding his behavior.   As a result of the story going public, Lyga is now the subject of an Internal Affairs investigation and has been relieved of duty pending the outcome of the investigation.  Captain Lillian Carranza has filed a slander suit in Los Angeles Superior Court due to the recorded comments Lyga made about her regarding her intelligence and performance.  She is alleging Lyga infliction intentional emotional distress and false light invasion of privacy.  She is seeking compensatory and punitive damages.

The recording may possibly have an impact on a lawsuit filed by Gaine’s family due to the fact that Lyga admitted in the recordings that he had a previous encounter with Gaines despite having reported never meeting him during the initial investigation of the shooting.  Multiple people are asking the District and County Attorneys to open an “investigation into the investigation of the investigation.”  LAPD Chief Charlie Beck has stated that there has not been a decision made about whether or not Gaines murder should be re-opened for further investigation.

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