Mayweather on Pacquiao: “I will fight him in a year after his surgery”

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By Victor Ochieng

Everybody was eager to watch Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather Jr. fight Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao, hoping it would be the most entertaining encounter of the century. But after the boxing bout went down last Saturday, many people expressed their disappointment, saying the fight was boring.

Nobody asked Mayweather why he didn’t quite engage Pacman, because he fought in his usual style, which consists of running around, dodging flurries, and countering fast enough to garner a few points. The question, then, was tossed to Pacquiao, who’s known to be aggressive and was expected to deliver an entertaining fight, but failed.

Pacquiao had a straight answer as to why we missed the “real Pacman” in the fight—he went into the bout with a torn rotator cuff.

The problem is that Pacquiao’s team didn’t reveal the injury prior to the fight, even when they were asked to fill in a questionnaire. This inaction, or lie, has angered the boxing fraternity and has seen a group of fans file a suit against the Filipino boxer.

While Mayweather insists that even if Pacman didn’t have an injury, he would still find a way to win, it seems like talks that he won by default have touched on his ego, and now he’s keen on fighting Pacquiao again in a year’s time, after his opponent undergoes surgery and fully recovers.

“I will fight him in a year after his surgery,” Mayweather told ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith on Tuesday through a text message.

That’s good news for the athletes, as another fight will mean more millions for them. But is it really good news to boxing fans? After the let-down of the first fight, will the two boxers be able to garner enough excitement around a second battle?

If Mayweather decides to fight and not simply run from his opponent, the fight might be more interesting than before. And if Pacman comes back with his usual aggressiveness, the competition could be much more entertaining than the first time. But then again, will boxing fans be so convinced that things will be different that the public will willingly pay high prices to see it once again?

The promoters are expected to pull their usual magic. They are generally capable of making fans get amped up for a fight, even after they’ve just disappointed. With their luck, in a year’s time, all the disappointed viewers of the first fight will forget how lackluster it was and be ready to shell out crazy amounts of cash to see a second bout.


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