Marshawn Lynch Reportedly Interested in Joining Patriots

Published On April 12, 2017 | By Brandon | Latest posts, Pro Sports, sports news

By Brandon Simmons

The biggest free agent running back this offseason is no longer Adrian Peterson; that honor now belongs to former Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch. The man known as “Beats Mode” has been making some noise about a possible return to the NFL. According to CBS Sports, while Lynch is reportedly involved in talks with the Oakland Raiders, he could also be showing interest in the world champion New England Patriots.

The rumors of Lynch coming back started picking up a few months ago. Soon, various sources reported that the 30-year-old running back did make a visit with Oakland but no deal came out of it.

It makes sense that the Patriots are in the mix right now for one of the best running backs in the last few years as they have already had some options to entertain in replenishing their backfield. Before Lynch, the team was reportedly in talks with Peterson after he was cut by the Minnesota Vikings at the beginning of the offseason. New England also have LeGarette Blount in their arsenal, who they could probably still sign and add Lynch.

Lynch retired while still under contract with the Seattle Seahawks so if he returned, they would have to cut him or get involved with a trade to deal him.

Despite being out of the game for a year, Marshawn Lynch probably makes a viable pickup for any team who missed out on some early free agency picks. Being away from the league for a season has probably allowed his body to heal up from some of the injuries he dealt with in his supposed final year. His age might indicate that his return is not going to be a very long one so Oakland and New England actually present those scenarios, with the potential for immediate championship success. The Raiders will be moving to Las Vegas with a young, explosive passing components in quarterback Derek Carr and wide receiver Amari Cooper; but eventually they will be looking for some younger help at the running back position to sustain a longer title run. The Patriots will always have their shot at the championship as long as either Brady or Belichick is in the mix. However, there’s no guarantee that pairing will be together, considering they have already spent close to two decades together. Regardless of the squad, if these rumors are true, whoever chooses Lynch will have a “beast” of a team for the upcoming year.

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