Man bullies elderly couple on a bus, and the other passengers make him pay

Published On April 22, 2014 | By Big BOSS | News, Strictly for the brothers, The Barbershop

Violence is not a good thing, most of the time.  But violence can be a proper response in situations where someone needs to be protected.  This video is going viral and it shows a man on a bus who might have had too much to drink or smoke that day.  Or, he might just be crazy.

Whatever he had going on led to this man verbally assaulting an elderly couple, screaming all kinds of expletives at a lady as she was sitting there with her husband.  The other passengers are watching this joker yell and scream at the old woman right in front of her husband, who was unequipped to do anything.

The situation gets to a head when the man gets into the woman’s face.  As the man is towering over the defenseless woman and cussing at her, her husband gets up and shows that he’s had enough.  Then, the stronger younger man grabs the old man to take him down and that’s when the other passengers jump in.

From that point on, it’s over.  Justice wins, and the dude gets his ass kicked.  The video will probably get your blood rushing.   Real BOSSES, stand up for senior citizens. You can watch the video below:


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