Magic Johnson Wants To Buy The Clippers If Sterling Gets The Boot

Published On April 29, 2014 | By admin | News, sports news, The Barbershop

By: Stephanie Allen-Gobert

Trying to turn a wrong into a right, is reporting NBA great Magic Johnson is reporting that he is ‘absolutely interested’ in purchasing the Los Angeles Clippers from Donald Sterling.

At this point, there is no indication that Sterling wants to sell the Clippers. Making a swift decision is not an easy move for the NBA, which is bound to act in accordance with its constitution and bylaws.

Civil rights activist, Al Sharpton is calling for Donald Sterling’s removal from ownership position in the Clippers and intends to contact the NBA’s marketing and broadcast partners along with advertisers if it means that it will lead to Commissioner Adam Silver applying some sort of punishment against the owner who is alleged to have made racist remarks in an audio recording first obtained by TMZ.

A “full investigation” into the recordings by the NBA to determine the authenticity of the evidence that includes the statement by Sterling to his girlfriend, “Don’t put him [Magic Johnson] on an Instagram for the world to see so they have to call me. And don’t bring him to my games.”

Now Magic, the individual singled out in the recording, is apparently willing to spend the requisite money (with Guggenheim Partners as his financial support) to take the Clippers off of Sterling’s hands, and make his own decision as to whether or not he is allowed into the Staples Center.

While Rev. Al Sharpton may be correct to demand the immediate corrective action, the NBA is in a delicate position wherein it must shield itself from potential litigation should it act too quickly and without just cause. Further, pushing Sterling out of his ownership position in the Clippers would be unprecedented and not necessarily within the bounds of the NBA’s constitution. Alternatively, the NBA could indirectly force Sterling to sell by instituting punishments like an indefinite suspension of the owner.

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