Los Angeles Sparks Remain In Locker Room During National Anthem

Published On September 25, 2017 | By sgrey | Latest posts, News, Pro Sports, sports news

By Dr. Sinclair N. Grey III

Donald Trump has a way with words and that’s not giving him any credit. At a rally in Huntsville, Alabama, Trump does what he does best, insult and incite. Calling football players ‘SOB’s’ for protesting by taking a knee during the national anthem, Trump received what he craves – attention.

Roger Goodell, as well as NFL owners, came together on Sunday to condemn Trump’s comments as divisive. It was a show of unity with ownership and players coming together.

NFL players either kneeled, sat on the bench, or joined together in locked arms when the national anthem was played. A few teams decided to stay in the locker room while the anthem was played.

With so much attention given to the NFL, it’s important to share that the WNBA championship started on Sunday between the Los Angeles Sparks and the Minnesota Lynx. Even though it was a great game, what has to be noted is that the Sparks remained in their locker room during the playing of the anthem and the Lynx players joined in lock arms.

According to the Huffington Post, “The demonstration came hours after football players kneeled during the national anthem on Sunday, defying ongoing criticism from President Donald Trump who has urged the NFL to fire or suspend players that he accuses of disrespecting the U.S. flag.

FYI – the Lynx and Sparks have joined together in the past to promote equality.

It’s good to know that the protest by the players is protected under the First Amendment right.


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