(Live updates) Michael Slager Sentencing

Published On December 5, 2017 | By Griot | Black male commentary, Black Men United, News

Day 2 of sentencing:

According to WCSC, the federal sentencing hearing for Michael Slager who shot Walter Scott in the back, killing him in 2015 is now live.

Monday was marked by the testimony of various government witnesses. Feiden Santana, the man who captured video of the shooting, took the stand and told the judge¬†Scott was clearly trying to get away from Slager. Prosecutor Jared Fishman called Slager’s act calculated and deliberate.

Tuesday’s proceedings are set to begin at 10 a.m. A sentence could be handed down at some point during the day.

The former North Charleston police officer pled guilty in May to violating Scott’s rights under the color of the law after a judge declared a mistrial for his murder charge on the state level. Prosecutors are seeking life-in-prison for second degree murder while the defense team is hoping 10 to 12¬†years for manslaughter.

Today’s events began with the government telling the judge they were finished calling witnesses. The defense began by calling forensic analyst Grant Fredericks who concluded that Scott and Slager fought on the ground and engaged in a physical altercation prior to the shooting.


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