Le’Veon Bell Goes in on ‘Shrimp’ Bayless

Published On January 31, 2017 | By Brandon | hip hop, Latest posts, Pro Sports, sports news

By Brandon Simmons

Ever since the Pittsburgh Steelers got beat down in the AFC championship game, Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell has had a lot of time and, understandably, anger on his hands. Perhaps that is why, Bell decided to drop a diss track aimed at Skip Bayless, co-host of Fox Sports’ Undisputed. The song, entitled Shrimp Bayless, takes aim at Bayless and his many criticisms of Bell.

In the beginning of the track, Bell uses an excerpt from an episode of Undisputed, in which the show’s other co-host, Hall-of-Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe, describes the unique running style of the Steeler superstar. Here are some of the more entertaining lines from the song.

“You say whatever for ratings, I’m not blind I can see it/ You say I’m just an average running back, no way you believe it.”

“Sometimes I hate that you breathing, think you sick as a germ/You keep on talking all that nonsense Imma call Richard Sherm.”

“This is all perfect timing/ And I’m known to tote the rock and I don’t mean Dwayne Johnson.”

Bell also pokes fun at Bayless’ love for the Dallas Cowboys and San Antonio Spurs to finish out the song.

Under the moniker, Juice, Bell has been known to hit the booth but maybe not as great as he hits the holes on the field. Last year he dropped a mixtape that, according to FoxSports.com, was nothing more than trash.

As for this particular song, it’s not exactly Hit ‘Em Up but it wasn’t meant to be. This comes across as nothing more than a football player having fun during his time off. There’s no lyricism to expect here but the context of some of these punchlines are funny while some of the cadence makes it an accidental comedy on its own. Hopefully, this comedy will continue and Skip delivers some type of response worth being amused by.

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