Leon Spinks is OK after choking on his chicken

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By Victor Ochieng

Boxing legend Leon Spinks is finally out of hospital after undergoing treatment following his ingestion of a chicken wing bone that became stuck in his intestine and caused serious injuries. The former heavyweight champion underwent a series of major surgeries before he was declared to be back in a healthy condition.

Spinks’ wife, Brenda, told TMZ Sports that her husband had been discharged from the hospital around Christmas and is currently recuperating in a rehab center.

“He’s doing much better, but it’s a slow process,” Brenda says. “He was in bed for two months. It takes a lot out of you.”

The boxer was allowed to go home over the Christmas holiday to spend some time with his family before he was moved to a rehab center where his health has been improving ever since.

It is still not clear when the boxing legend will be leaving rehab, but a release date is expected to be reported after the family visits the facility.

“We’re going to be having a meeting with the rehab facility in the next couple of weeks,” Brenda says…”Hopefully soon.”

Chicken is Spinks’ favorite food. He likes it so much that he’s been nicknamed the “Chicken Wing King” by his close friends. This time, however, his favorite meal almost knocked him out for good.

In an October 2014 article published by TMZ Sports, around the time when Spinks was hospitalized after swallowing the bone, his ex-wife, Betty, revealed that she has full control of her former husband’s medical decisions. She said that if the former boxer’s health worsened, she would be the one to make all medical decisions, instead of Spinks’ current wife.

Betty was married to him for 16 years before they divorced. The divorce papers, according to Betty, state that Spinks gave her the power of attorney to make decisions on his behalf in any case where he has been incapacitated.

A look into Nevada’s laws, however, show that Betty’s power of attorney can be dismissed if Spinks enter into a new agreement with Brenda. The law clearly indicates that marrying someone doesn’t automatically grant them the power of attorney legally.

Spinks is famous for his 1978 win against the legendary Muhammad Ali in a fight that will be remembered for years to come. The fight represents one of the sport’s biggest upsets.

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