LeBron James Wearing #6 In Practice, Should The CAVS Be Worried?

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

LeBron James has raised more than a few eyebrows when he arrived to the Cleveland Cavaliers training camp sporting #6, his number he wore when he signed to the Miami Heat.

Uh oh ….

James, who is a free agent in 2016, has more than a few issues with the Cavaliers:

  1. Just two days ago, LeBron broke his silence on power forward Tristan Thompson and his lack of a new contract.  Thompson was extremely instrumental in last season’s 2015 NBA Finals run, but is the only player not to get a new contract. Thompson and James also share the same agent.
  2. It is no secret that LeBron James does not like head coach David Blatt.
  3. King James is reportedly growing tired of covering for Kyrie Irving‘s defense.
  4. Mo Williams is currently dating several members of LeBron’s immediate family.

Is LeBron changing his number back to #6 a reason for the Cavaliers to worry?  Could he be headed back to the Miami Heat in 2016?

ESPN’s Dave McMenamin reports:

James will be wearing his familiar No. 23 for the Cavs this season, the same number he has worn every season he’s been in Cleveland, but he explained how he feels comfortable practicing while donning No. 6.

“It’s just a number of mine,” James said after the scrimmage. “One of my two numbers — 6, 23. There’s nothing to it. It’s my practice jersey.”

LeBron James credited the number change to Deion Sanders:

“It’s like Deion (Sanders) when he was at Florida State he wore like 2 in practice and when he went to the pros he wore 2 in practice but wore 21 on the playing field. It’s like that.” lebronupset

LeBron’s answer very well may be the truth, but I do believe that the Cavaliers front office better be on high alert.  Why they would give Kevin Love such a large contract, when he was injured almost his entire tenure with the Cavaliers, and not ensure the signing of Thompson is a mystery to me.

It was front office moves like this, along with a teammate reportedly dating LeBron’s mother, that forced James’ hand to leave Cleveland the first time.

BOSSes, what do you think?  Is LeBron changing his number a warning??



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