LeBron James was a football star, but he doesn’t want his sons to play the sport

Published On November 13, 2014 | By Big BOSS | Latest posts, Pro Sports, sports news

LeBron James was a legendary football player in high school, and he loved the sport as much as he loved basketball. But the superstar also knows how dangerous the sport is, and doesn’t want his sons to be exposed to it.

According to Chris Broussard at ESPN, James says that his two sons are allowed to play basketball, baseball and soccer.  But football is off the table.   Broussard then tweeted that LeBron stated that he won’t allow his sons to step onto the football field, despite the fact that they’ve been recruited like every other athletic young black male in the country.

James was a football star at Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary High School.  He stopped playing the sport before his senior year to avoid being injured.  He’d become one of the best basketball players in the world by that time and didn’t want to mess up a big payday.  Broussard followed up by stating that the reason James keeps his sons away from football is because of his health concerns associated with the sport.

James is a big fan of the sport, but like millions of other parents, he’s also paying attention to numerous reports about long-term brain damage being suffered by former NFL athletes.  Some of these guys were legends on the field, but are dying at an early age and suffering various forms of dimentia long before they are supposed to occur.  Dave Duerson, a former superstar of the Chicago Bears, killed himself after battling brain issues associated with football.  In fact, right before he shot himself in the chest, he sent a text to his loved ones asking them to make sure that his brain was studied after his death.   Following his wishes, the family found out that those thousands of hits to the head he took over the years had done severe damage to his brain tissue, causing him to not be able to think straight any longer.

So, LeBron is not alone in his concern.  He wants his boys to be healthy.   What a BOSS move, we respect that.

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