LeBron James Wearing Shorter Shorts To Reverse Sagging Trend, Pushing Professional Look

BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

There was a time in the NBA when wearing awfully short shorts was the norm in the NBA.  A common reference to this style is John Stockton.  I know growing up in my ‘hood we called them cootchie-cutters and there wasn’t a dude anywhere trying to be called out for wearing cootchie-cutters !!

RodmanJordanshortsMichael Jordan started the trend in the NBA by wearing his shorts a little longer and baggy for comfort, Fab5baggyshortswhich trickled down to the college level with the University of Michigan‘s bad boy basketball squad the Fab Five.

Over the years, through sports, entertainment and popular culture, we saw the ‘baggy look’ explode to the point of ridiculousness.   Literally, watching guys wear their pants so baggy that they have to hold them up to keep from exposing themselves, while others just chose to wear them so baggy that they freely expose themselves.

Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James says he wants to be an influencer in off-court and on-court attire.

According to Chris Haynes of Cleveland.com, James would like to make his job as a professional basketball player more professional and influence how kids think about how they should present themselves on and off the court.  On the court, you are seeing a tighter fit to his uniform, as opposed to the standard baggy, sagging look that has become the lbjeurocut2norm.LeBronfashion

“I’m always thinking about ways I can be of help,” James told cleveland.com. “That’s what it’s about, making sure you’re doing your part.”

LeBron has trimmed a couple inches off of his shorts and wears his jersey more snug than he has in years past.  He wants to leave the baggy look behind and place a renewed emphasis on professional appearance when it comes to the size of his uniform as well as pregame and postgame attire.

LeBronfashion2JohnStocktonLeBron James is quite arguably (or easily) the biggest name in all of sports and he feels obligated to shift the minds of kids on what is considered acceptable and even fashionable.

Now, does this mean his will revert to the John Stockton, Dennis Rodman-style of shorts, probably not, but who is to say that he may start a trend that catches on and years down the line the NBA is wearing one-piece, lycra cycle-like uniforms.

Well, I hope it doesn’t get to that extreme.  But who knows …

Sagging, in hip-hop and Black culture is something that not only has been scrutinized, but criminalized with many local governments fining and actually jailing people for wearing their pants too low.

However, there is an extreme polar-opposite to sagging as well.  The skinny jean movement and the proliferation of Black men wearing women’s clothing is looked at as a direct attack on masculinity.

I am not suggesting that this is what LeBron James is doing, but I am just highlighting that there is an extreme to the left and the right – and both are not a good ‘look’ ..



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