Flexing: LeBron James Keeps Cavs Owner On Short Leash During Free Agency

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

Much has been said about the NBA’s current offseason free agent signings, but one free agent has been very quiet.

LeBron James, who opted-out of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers, is technically free to sign with any team in the NBA if he chooses.

James, by all accounts, is not a flight risk and all indications are that he will sign back to his hometown Cavaliers.  It is, lbjbeatchesthowever, in his best interest financially to keep signing short-term deals so that he can take advantage of the NBA’s upcoming raise in the salary cap in the next couple of seasons, but what is taking the self-proclaimed “best basketball player in the world” to sign a contract?

LeBron James is forcing the Cavaliers to make all “necessary” moves to improve the team before he signs anything.  That’s right – LeBron is flexing on team owner Dan Gilbert and there is nothing he can do about it.



tthompsonLeBron will continue to make the Cavaliers sweat until they pay Tristan Thompson, who emerged during the 2015 title run as an valuable offensive rebounder and also happens to be represented by James’ agent Rich Paul.

Before you get your underwear in a bunch about LeBron pulling this kind of power move, one lbjakronmust remember the scathing letter team owner Dan Gilbert published after James left for the Miami Heat likening him to a “runaway slave” in 2010.

LeBron had to swallow a lot of pride to return to the Cavaliers.  His return was truly for the betterment of Cleveland and his nearby home of Akron, OH.

It is extremely far-fetched to see LeBron leaving Cleveland again, especially so soon, but that is not keeping him from keeping Gilbert on a short leash.

clebig3Gilbert has been quite busy making sure that everyone gets paid !  he has handed out big contracts to Iman Shumpert, Kevin Love and picked up an option on Timofey Mozgov.  There are rumors that Thompson’s contract could land him in the $80 million range – that’s nothing to snuff at.  Kyrie Irving‘s rookie extension will also kick in this season, giving the Cavs a stratospheric payroll.

LeBron’s brand could not recover if he was to leave Cleveland, therefore he has no leverage, finalstrophybut there is an interesting power dynamic at play for LBJ.  He can’t leave, but Gilbert is being forced to crack open his wallet.  The city of Cleveland would surely turn on the team if Gilbert was to break up the team who despite was playing short-handed was two games away from winning the Finals.

How hard is LeBron flexing on Dan Gilbert?  He won’t even recruit any players while technically still a free agent.  LeBron is making it clear that he is doing what is convenient for him.  Still, he is making sure that Gilbert does what is necessary to ensure more success and of course more championship runs in the near future.



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